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Video Production

360 Virtual Tour, Virtual Reality, Video production, Interior Photographer, Commercial Photographer

  Brand sites, YouTube, 3rd Party sites, your customers are looking for videos to help research where to stay. It's an interactive image-driven multimedia world, and you should have the tools in place.

 360˚ Solutions creates detailed ideas and storyboards and provides complete commercial video production services, including lighting, art direction, talent, and styling.

  Suppose you must follow complex brand guidelines, target a particular audience, or highlight specific aspects of your service. In that case, your project director will work closely with your brief or consult you about developing what's required. 

  Two or three rounds of editing are free, ensuring you're pleased with the results.

 The editing will take place back at the 360 Solutions Office and will take up to 6 days to be ready for the first presentation. 

   We expect edits, and you are free to make as many as are needed in the next two or three rounds. Once approved, we will share the video with you online, and we can send the final video files to you for hosting.

360 Solutions Video Production
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